My name is Dylan Hooser and I was born and raised on Kauai. From a very young age I watched my parents work very hard to accomplish what they have now. My mother Claudette is one of the hardest working women I know; to this day she still works two jobs. Mom is definitely the unsung hero in our family. Without her efforts, my father wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be the public servant he is today. Together they helped instill the morals and values that have shaped me into the man I am today.

Throughout my life they made sure that education was a priority for both my sister and I. My parents worked hard to send my sister and I to Island School to ensure that we got the best education available while growing up. After attending college briefly in Reno, I returned home and attended Kauai Community College while there I completed the official PADI Dive Instructor License. I feel education is paramount to ensure that we are supporting our community from the ground up starting with the keiki first.

I have worked as a Licensed Realtor and as a Scuba Instructor, but my deepest passion is the ocean. I created the small business that I own and operate today: Sunrise Shells of Kauai. Our operations are fully sustainable – we take only non-living shells in which the creatures that once inhabited them have long departed. Our operations are fully permitted by the Department of Land and Natural Resources and no shells are ever taken from any public beach. I also volunteer in the community to develop and implement “coral replanting” and to support other efforts to preserve and protect ocean resources. I feel that proper stewardship of the island we love is critical to ensuring its healthy future.

If you’re ready to have your views represented, I look forward to speaking with you, and hopefully serving you.

Dylan Hooser


Dylan Hooser with family